Detailed Eyeshadow Masterclass

Detailed Eyeshadow Masterclass

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Detailed Eye Shadow Techniques Package 

- Basic Makeup Skills: As outlined in the previous package.
- In-depth Eye Shadow Application: Dive into the world of eye shadow, learning various techniques for shading, blending, and creating intricate eye looks.

- Smokey Eye Mastery: Master the art of creating the classic smokey eye, from subtle to dramatic, using different color combinations and textures.
- Cut-Crease Techniques: Learn how to achieve a defined and structured eye look using the cut-crease technique.

- Glitter and Pigment Application: Understand how to apply and work with glitters and pigments to create stunning eye-catching looks.

- False Eyelash Application: Learn techniques for applying false eyelashes effectively and comfortably.
- Advanced Blending and Transitioning: Refine your blending skills to create seamless transitions between different eye shadow shades.

Presented via zoom or preferred chosen method